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Double Donations!
~ Eru Ilúvatar2017-09-01 11:43:37
From now, until the end of September, all donations will be doubled!

This means that if you donated $10 to the site which would give you 1000 Donator Points, if you petition in and request for your double points to be added you will get a further 1000 DP!

Hurry up because the double donation period ends at the end of September!

News for Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Master Jeweller Euana has helped a boat full of people in the forest today! How kind!!!
Master Jeweller Euana has proven great strength and valor by ridding the kingdom of a Forest Troll. Hazzah!
Master Jeweller Euana has defeated her master, Mouth of Sauron to advance to level 10 after 6 days!!
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