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DK Contest!
# Eru Ilúvatar2017-04-17 11:05:18
To increase activity, we've decided to run a site wide DK Contest!

There will be 3 prizes for the top 3 DKers:

1st Prize - 1,000 Donator Points, 5,000 gems and 100,000 gold.

2nd Prize - 500 Donator Points, 2,500 gems and 50,000 gold.

3rd Prize - 250 Donator Points, 1,250 gems and 25,000 gold.

Also, every player will receive 100
Donator Points for every 100 DKs they do, meaning if you manage to DK 300 times, you will receive 300 Donator Points.

How to Join: Mail Eru, saying you would like to join and your current DKs (don't lie, we'll be double checking and lying will make you unable to participate).

This Contest will run until midnight (server time) Sunday the 30th of April!

Happy Leveling!

Staff Applications!
# Eru Ilúvatar2017-03-23 09:57:49
Staff Apps are now Closed.

We are now taking Staff Applications! To submit your application all you have to do is copy, paste and answer the questions below in a Petition, this can be done by clicking the 'Petition for Help' button at the top of the page near YoMs.

1) Real life Name

2) Real life Age

3) Real life Location and Timezone

4) Give the name of the only other named Nazgul, besides the Witch-King of Angmar?

5) Why do you want to be Staff?

6) Previous staffing experience (Include Links if possible)

7) Name all nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring!

8) How many hours minimum are you on a day?

9) What is your favourite part of the site?

10) Who is your favourite character and why?

# Eru Ilúvatar2017-03-16 13:13:53
Colors have been fixed! Please enjoy coloring again!

Player Referrals
# Eru Ilúvatar2017-03-13 11:19:42
In an attempt to increase the number of active players, the donator points for referring a player (found in the Lodge) have been increased!

When the player to have referred reaches level 15 you will be rewarded with 800 Donator Points!

This means, if you donate 4 players that reach level 15 you will have yourself 3,200 Donator Points!

Get referring! ;)

New Chances for Gems!
# Eru Ilúvatar2017-01-12 17:37:26
Enjoy Unlimited New Days until the end of January as the Late Christmas Present from Staff.xD

Also, we're thinking of starting an RP War Good vs Sauron with set RP Events. Would you like this sort of thing or would you prefer to RP your own things? Please petition in saying so and if we reach a certain number of players it'll become a high priority, also feel free to petition in your opinion and ideas surrounding this topic.

If not, this site is a Roleplaying site so we'd love it just as much if you guys just RPed yourselves and so, we decide to give out rewards for such things.

Well, here's the deal:
• Post an RP in any public chat
+ 1 or more Partners are encouraged but self-RP is fine.
+ At least 3 instalments from EACH partner involved
+ Each instalmemt must be 2+ posts
+ MUST be in a public chat (NO dwellings or mail)
• After 3 instalments, both partners must mail Elijah:
+ Where the RP is
+ With whom you RPed
+ Whether it is finished or not*
• It must be related to Middle-Earth theme. Just a little battle or argument is fine...even sitting in Hobbiton with your pal!
+++But, Staffy Human, what if I can't find a partner??+++
Well, post a self or NPC RP, with at least 3 full posts as a single instalment, and win a chance to get 25-50 gems, depending on the quality.
+++But, Staffy Human, what if we want to post more than 3 instalments?+++
10 extra gems for each instalment. ;)
+++But, Staffy Human, I want to RP with someone but I can't find anyone to RP with!+++
Mail someone. Ask theme for an RP, and you'll get it done!
+++How long will this run for?+++
Till the End of January. Boom. Enjoy.

Happy RPing. :)

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