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Welcome to One Ring Online, a browser based role playing game,
based on the Lord of The Rings Books by J. R. R. Tolkien and Films by Peter Jackson based upon the books.
Please, enter Middle-Earth and see what you discover,
will you join the forces of Sauron and Mordor or fight to save the free peoples of Middle-Earth. Maybe even obtain the One Ring itself and either destroy it and all evil or use it to gain power and wealth. Elf, Man, Dwarf? Choose your destiny. Choose your path. Join us


Time in Minas Tirith is: 3:45 am.
Next New Day: 1h, 41m, 14s (real time)
Newest Resident: Farmer Shark


The most recent warrior to destroy Balrog of Morgoth is: Devout FaylenVenrora

The current Orc Pit Arena Leader is: ~ Eru Ilúvatar.

Oneliner: The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

The most recent hero of the realm is: Devout FaylenVenrora

Today's weather is expected to be rainy.

The most dragons has slain: Ranger of Ithilien Rainel
The warrior with most cash is: Ranger of Ithilien PrimusScream
The warrior with most gems at hand is: Ranger of Ithilien PrimusScream

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*BETA* This is a BETA of this website, things are likely to change now and again, as it is under active development *BETA*

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Quote: Sneaking? Sneaking! Fat hobbit is always so polite! Smeagol shows them secret ways that nobody else can find and they say sneak. Sneak? Very nice friend. Oh yes, my precious very nice, very - - Smeagol
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